An Accidental Replay

N and I just passed our twelfth wedding anniversary. Thanks to some generous family members who love animals and babies (at times it's hard to tell the difference between the two beasts), we were able to get away for a night and sleep in until 8. I've come a long way because last year sleeping in would have been at least 10. Something that amused me was that we unintentionally repeated our plans from last year. Same babysitters, same hotel, same restaurant for dinner, and same plan to wrap things up with a matinee at the local Cinemark.

We deliberated between staying at a Crystal Inn or Hampton hotel (narrowed down to these two choices by: proximity/walk-ability to where we wanted to dine, offering of complementary breakfast, and openings of rooms with king-size bed and jetted tub). Finally, I said it didn't matter and let's sign up for xxx because I really don't remember why, I was that tired. And the next day, out of curiosity, I checked my email from last year and found a reservation confirmation for the same lodgings. I was satisfied with my stay but hopefully next time around it will stand out enough that I can make an educated decision. Such as, we stayed there last time so let's try the other one, or hey, that place didn't irritate me so let's go there again.

So that was the funny part of the story to me, that we ended up staying at the same place as last year and didn't even remember... For you it may be that, in my habit of over-analyzing choices, I actually made a table with two columns - the first listing the names of all hotels in SLC and the second listing the primary reason I wouldn't choose it, 1) no complementary breakfast, 2) no jetted tub, or 3) too pricey.


Easter Bunny Time

Last week we got an Easter package from my mom. Here's a few pics to show what R thought of her bunny. Thanks grandma!



Caspian: Our little Prince Caspian was suddenly called to return to his heavenly throne  Thursday, December 13th 2012....

Words cannot express how much this hurts my heart. The Behrends are such a beautiful young family. I was blessed to meet them a few years ago when we were both members of the same church congregation. When I started at my current job I found out that they bring their children to see one of the pediatrician's I work and have had the opportunity to serve them from time to time. I was never very close friends with the parents but I know them enough to say that each of the children are very sweet and little Caspian will be missed terribly. Our entire office mourns his passing.


Locked Out

So Nathan called me twenty minutes after his yoga class ended, about when I was expecting him home, and told me he'd run into some trouble. One thing led to another and he'd locked his keys in the trunk of the car. His solution was to walk home (3 miles in below 40 degrees), pick up my keys, then bike back to the University, drive home, and the next day I could drive him over so he could ride his bike home. It sounded complicated and time consuming to me. Or maybe we could ask a friend or neighbor to drop my car keys off to Nathan. I asked him to give me five minutes and I'd get back to him.

I Googled "locked out of car" for inspiration and saw several ads for companies to call for this kind of situation. Which led me to think of AAA roadside service which reminded me that we have Emergency Roadside Service (ERS) as part of our auto insurance through Geico. So I called Geico to ask if such a thing would be covered. When I called the ERS (wondering how I'd get the number to do so if I was in fact the individual locked out of my car with the auto insurance card in my glove compartment), the first question they asked was if I was safe and in a safe place. I was touched. And then explained that I was calling for my husband. After giving the Geico man more information, he got Nathan on the line before I hung up. This part was a little funny. Nathan answered his cell phone, Geico Guy asked if it was Nathan A**** and N said yes but this was a bad time. At which point I interrupted and explained why Geico Guy was calling. Then N came in the front door half an hour later. Overall, much faster than N's "Plan A" and didn't have to bother any friends.

I solved the problem and felt really clever about doing so. I tell you, it's the little things in life.


A Pair of Sneakers

Yesterday, I pointed to my feet and said to a coworker "look, I'm wearing sneakers on both feet today!" And because I see her four days a week and probably spend more hours with her than my husband, she new this was exciting and didn't think I was especially daft. Because that's my good news of the week. I'm back in regular shoes now - a matching pair for the first time in over three months. Was it worth it? I hope so. I think my feet still look ugly but I have a thing about feet. As in, I generally think they're ugly. My feet, especially the right one, are still tender and I flinch away from things about to touch it. However, I have good range of motion and can walk and minimal scarring. And the walking is more than I could do this time last year. So yay.

The backstory: The first Friday of September, I had a bunionectomy (surgery to fix a bunion) done on my left foot. Was in a cast for two weeks and then a post-operative "boot" for another month or so. Then, the first Thursday of November, I used a different doctor and had a bunionectomy done on my right foot. Recovery time from the second surgery was immensely better than the first time around. However, I think the left foot looks straighter than the right foot. Oh well. And I had these things done because my insurance would foot (hah-hah) the entire bill this calendar year and surgery was already recommended two years ago when my feet starting limiting how far I could walk. As in, I would be limping by the time I walked the half-mile home from work at a leisurely pace.


9 Months

10/19/2012: 9 Month Well Check
Weight: 18 lb, 13 oz
Length/Height: 29 in
Head Circumference: Who actually cares?
Disposition: Cranky. Diagnosed with an ear infection two days after the 9 month check up.


Things That Should NOT Be Allowed...

A Vent Prompted by Todd & Erin

My list of things that should not be allowed:
- socks and sandals
- dark blue dress socks and black pants
- poor exhausted toddlers at WalMart after midnight
- leaky/non-absorbent diapers
- babies in bikinis. what's the bra for?
- plus size mini skirts. why are companies even making them?
- wire shelving in closets and pantries. it's just annoying.
- radiant heating in small apartments with minimal storage space. gee, I can store items under my bed or couch but my home's a few degrees colder.
- suing a person or company for something that happened because of your own stupidity