An Accidental Replay

N and I just passed our twelfth wedding anniversary. Thanks to some generous family members who love animals and babies (at times it's hard to tell the difference between the two beasts), we were able to get away for a night and sleep in until 8. I've come a long way because last year sleeping in would have been at least 10. Something that amused me was that we unintentionally repeated our plans from last year. Same babysitters, same hotel, same restaurant for dinner, and same plan to wrap things up with a matinee at the local Cinemark.

We deliberated between staying at a Crystal Inn or Hampton hotel (narrowed down to these two choices by: proximity/walk-ability to where we wanted to dine, offering of complementary breakfast, and openings of rooms with king-size bed and jetted tub). Finally, I said it didn't matter and let's sign up for xxx because I really don't remember why, I was that tired. And the next day, out of curiosity, I checked my email from last year and found a reservation confirmation for the same lodgings. I was satisfied with my stay but hopefully next time around it will stand out enough that I can make an educated decision. Such as, we stayed there last time so let's try the other one, or hey, that place didn't irritate me so let's go there again.

So that was the funny part of the story to me, that we ended up staying at the same place as last year and didn't even remember... For you it may be that, in my habit of over-analyzing choices, I actually made a table with two columns - the first listing the names of all hotels in SLC and the second listing the primary reason I wouldn't choose it, 1) no complementary breakfast, 2) no jetted tub, or 3) too pricey.


  1. We stayed at Crystal Inn once. For the very reasons you listed, lol.

  2. Beth- if you get this, shoot me an email - I am coming to UT this weekend and would love to see you.